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Ultram was a lifesaver for me. I put off triple level fusion surgery for a year and a half until I could graduate college. I could take the Ultram and still be able to drive and attend classes (at least for half a day).

I had the problems with itching, too. Ultram can have itching as a side effect, as can narcotics such as darvocet, percocet, vicodin, codeine, morphine, etc. I experience more or less itching with any of these. My mother-in-law (40 years as a head nurse & nursing administrator) recommended taking half an antihistimine at the same time I took the dosage of pain medication. Works like a charm!

After CAREFULLY adjusting dosage, and after an initial getting-used-to period, I take a half or a quarter of a benadryl tablet with the pain medication dose during waking/must-be-functional hours. To get to sleep (ultram can make you hyperactive sometimes), two benadryl work like a charm.

I also suffer from painful, itchy, flakey psoriasis that can be miserable during flare-ups. The benadryl is good for this, too.

Hope someone benefits from sharing my experience!