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I'm 5 1/2 mo. post op and have had the nerve pain since that fusion on nov.11, I am on 2400 mg. of neurontin, ES vicodin every 4- 6 hr, flexiril every 8 hr.,two pamalor every night to help sleep because all that stuff doesn't make me sleepy. I'm told that nerve damage can take up to 18 months to heal, so I have about a year left before we know what is perm.

I have just got my neurtontin dose upped from 1800 to the 2400 today, I will start it tomorrow. If you look at the new thread I started "update from two steps back" you will understand a lil better about that onw.

I travel 3 hrs. one way to see my doc, how dare he move! lol. But he is worth every inch we drive. You definately need a specialist, ask for a spine specialist with a spine fellowship, ortho or neuro. 3 years is a long time between MRI's alot can change by then.

I hope you find a Dr. soon so you can find some relief, it is very depressing to suffer from chronic pain, just ask my family,lol.

Please keep us updated.

Carol :wave: