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Hey Ladyjada,
I hear ya on the ssd, I just had my hearing on feb. 10,06 still waiting for decision, but all was positive from the ssd people they had there. I applied almost 3 yrs ago, got denied 2 times then requested hearing, I so agree with you.

Bunnytrails, It sounds like your doc has all the bases covered. Just be careful with that nerve damage thing, I'm 5 1/2 mo. post op from front & back fusions with cages, screws and rods and nerve damage in left foot and leg. I'm on 2400 mg of neurontin, ES vicodin every 4-6 hr. flexiril every 8 hr. and pamalor to sleep. Just got tens unit so we dont' have to increase meds anymore, tens unit is doing great job so far, but please don't wait too long like I did. You do have to follow ins. protocal, God forbid the doc be the one who treats you, ins has to be the one in charge. I have never heard of the shots helping a splondy case, they do wonders for bulging and swelling but not bones moving.

I wish you well and hope you don't have to jump thru to many ins rings before you get the right help for you problem.

God Bless