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a few years ago i was diagnosed with mild scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, spinal spurs, suffer from subluxations and muscle spasms...at times i get really bad pain in my lower back to the point if i sit for more than 20 mins i have a very hard time getting up cause of the pain, it has left me literally laying down to the point i cant get up on my own, i'm a 30 yr old housewife with 2 children age 8 and 5, i'm getting ready to start physical therapy for this but i know when i do i'm gonna be in enormous pain and was wondering if there's anyone here that can tell me or give me some advice on how to deal with this so it doesn't put me on the floor in pain that i cant move, i've tried many different pain medications and nothing i've been on yet seems to work, the most recent one is they have me on extra strength vicodin i take 2 and it doesn't take the pain away it just makes me to the point i'm a zombie and cant function right, my husband seems to be taking it well right now but the last few days have been bad for me, he's been having to come home from work and deal with me and the kids and get dinner for us all, i feel like i'm becoming a burden to him, any advice on this would be greatly appreciated
Hi Takeitaway. Im Tammy. And by posting to this board, we here can indeed HELP you by sharing our stories and what has worked for us and offer you our full support here to help make you feel just a little better knowing you are not alone. We all post here for that reason.

You have alot going on in there for sure. If you are suffering from spasms, vicodin is not enough. I have had back issues since age 18, 44 now. I managed to raise two kids through it. Last 3 years though.. things got the worst. Have DDD, bulging disc at L5-S1, and L4-L5 was leaking badly. I had sciatica badly, numbness, tingling, back was in constant spasm, and the list goes on. Most days I could barely walk. I limped my way everywhere. stop and limp on.

I had a fusion done a 4 weeks ago on the L4-L5. So far so good. But, through all this, I have taken many meds to help me through to this point and now. And I worked for over the last two years through to this point but it wasnt easy.

Your ortho.. how good at talking to this ortho are you? Do you "trust" this doctor? I had one ortho surgeon that I thought I trusted and she turned out to be a quack but it took me two years to find that out. After wising up, I searched and took 4 more surgeons to find the right one that would listen to me, rather than just talk AT me.

First, you need more medication to help you through some of the pain you are having regardless where PT or an impending surgery down the road may lead you to. Vicodin helps with the pain, but it does not really help with muscle spasms. What strength of Vicodin are you taking? (Before surgery I had 5/500 and could take 1-2 every 4-6 hours. After surgery it doubled to 10/500 1-2 every six hours.) There are many muscle relaxers out there. Personally, I swear by Skelaxin and have been using periodically when needed for the past 3 years. It works to loosen things up some and it does not make me loopy. I am a paralegal, and I can take this and function fine at work with a low dose of Vicodin along with it. Taking meds in concert, "can greatly help ease your discomfort some" and hopefully be a bit more tolerable so you might be able to do a few more things around the house.

Try try try not to get down and feel guilty. This is not your fault. It's luck of the draw. Just now you have to get tougher than ever and keep up good spirits, it really makes a difference. If you give up, then everyone sees it, and more importantly they feel it with you. Your kids need to know you hurt, and have them do little things to help mom out some. You can think of some games to do, or rewards to that help motivate them. All sorts of stuff to try. But try to keep the house happy too, by positive things with the kids, fun shows, things that make everybody laugh. Laughter is great medicine anytime!

Heat works to loosen the muscles initially, but then.. you got ice that area down. It reduces the swelling and really helps take that knotted pain down a few notches each time. I bought a polar ice pack (flat 10x12 bag) that is flat but has chemicals in it that you freeze and they stay really cold. But it bends and conforms to your body so you can lay on it, sit on it, wrap it around a leg, whatever. It's incredible stuff! (hehehe i should be a spokesperson for the stuff. hehehe).

In the hubby department, I dont know your situation, and our spouses get stressed out through all this. He is suffering right along with you in this. You are feeling this together, only you get the extra part, the pain. Is this your best friend? Hopefully you can sit down and discuss how each other is feeling and come to an understanding. Does he have any clue how guilty your feeling right now? Maybe so, maybe not. A little conversation, rather than avoidance, can take all the tension away. (I think it's very normal for him to be feeling the strain now, as it sounds like he didnt have to do these things before, as you took care of these things he now has to do.)

Woman are normally the caregivers (not slighting the men that take care of households in anyway) in a home and family. Now, it's his turn to play that role, until you can.

Well enough of my babble. I hope some of this has helped you and that you can call that doctor or another doctor and get some meds to help you further ease your pain right now. (DON'T WAIT.. Call SOMEONE) Welcome to the boards and please continue to post here and maybe lift your spirits some. You are in good company here. Feel better. Tammy
oh jeez thanks for the info i'll certainly bring it up at my first PT appointment tomorrow morning...and yes my hubby is my best friend i tell him everything we've been married over 11 yrs and i'm only 30 lol so that tells ya something, oh we've had our moments cause he just doesn't understand the pain i'm in constantly and he gets mad when i turn him down for bonding time lol, but over all the last couple years of this getting worse he's been doing pretty good...i have been working with my girls recently i've set up a reward system for them the 5 yr old helps me out a little threw the day i've gotten her to the point that if for some reason i cant get her lunch she knows how to make herself a sandwich which is a big help, i keep easy things to make around the house for just that reason when my oldest one is home she's more difficult cause she is ADHD and diagnosed with other things so she is more a handful, but i have gotten it to the point that she knows if she helps when i ask her to she'll get paid at the end of the week when daddy gets paid lol, didnt really wanna do that but it's the only thing i found that works with her, and about the pain meds and for muscle spasms i am on 10 mg of flexiril, the vicodin i'm on is 7.5/750 every 6 hrs and i usually take 2 if the pain is really bad....again thanks for the info
Hi takeitaway,
Welcome to the boards!! I'm so sorry to hear of your pain. I have DDD,stenosis, permamnent gr. 2-3 splondy, arthritis & nerve damage. Tammy has made many good points, the most important, for me, is how good is your relationship with your Dr., my dr. and I are close enough that he can tell by my expression on my face what i'm feeling, that took many yrs. of treatment to get to that point, but I started off with many dr.'s to find him. One dr. told me that it was all in head!! can you imagine that in this day and age. Well after all that searching and misdiagnoses I finally found the one I have now. he is so thorough he calls me after he leaves the office so he's not inturrupted when we talk.

I'm not one to push the meds but I'm not so sure just the vicodin is the answer. I take 2400 mg. of neurontin a day,Es vicodin every 4-6 hrs., flexiril every 8 hr. and pamalor for sleep and depression(caused from chronic pain).
I would definatley call the Dr. and let him know that what your taking is not touching the pain you have.

No exercise will help you if your tense from the pain. I have had therapy many times and I have always been told if it creates pain don't do it, therapy isn't to supposed to hurt it's supposed to help stregnthen the muscles that support the spine and that usually relieves pain.

I have just started on the tens unit Tammy has mentioned, it has helped tremandously!!! but it once again depends on what is the cause of the pain, my pain is nerve damage pain, caused from the prolonged compression of the nerves from a gr. 2-3 splondy.

I would also make sure your Dr is a spine specialst, with a spine fellowship as well. You may also want to make sure he is experienced in scoliosis as well since this is a complex problem on it's own.

I hope you find relief soon, it's terrible when your family is effected by your pain, I can identify with the hubby coming home and doing your work at home because you can't, the guilt can be so consuming if you let it. It's very hard thing to do but trying to keep it upbeat and happy at home is really the best way to help you feel that way too. .

Good Luck and God Bless !!