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Hi Brenwill :wave:

I know it's been quite a while since I posted on your thread but I wanted to check on you!! I had mu fusion done on 1/26/06 and I'm still recuperating! I'm in & out of physical therapy which seems to be helping. As you can probably tell this can be a hard one to recuperate from. I thought that when I came out of surgery, all the pain would be gone except for the incision. BOY was I in for a big surprise. I did fine for about a week or two and then I went down hill. The doctor reassured me that is "normal" and that it could take up to a year or longer to recover. :eek: I wish I had known that before. I failed or either they failed to tell me all the information on what to expect. I'm still on all the meds.(Lyrica, FLexeril, ibuprophren, Vicodin). The good news is I only take the Vicodin maybe once a week. To me that is GREAT!! Considering I was taking pain meds. about 6 to 8 times a day before surgery.

Just know that everyone is different & their experience is different. But you need to know that it's not an easy road & there a A LOT of UPS & DOWNS!! I pray you are comfortable & doing well!!