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proboy74 - thanks so much for the info! I keep sitting in different spots thinking to myself - hmm, my knees will be higher than my hips in this chair so can't sit here! I am going to get the raised toilet seat - I didn't have one when I had my laminectomy but I also didn't have a brace.

I really appreciate the help I'm getting here. thank you. If you think of anything else - I'd sure like to hear it. My surgeon's office gave me a book with lists of stuff to prepare with as well - so I better start!

How long did it take to get your pain really under control - were you in decent shape when you left the hospital? I took percocet for (I think) two weeks after the laminectomy last year and then vicodin after that. I know everyone is different - but hoping I'm not hurting much more than the last time after surgery - although something tells me this will be much worse.