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Still doing pretty good on the Suboxone. I have found that when I take my birth control pill near the time I take the Suboxone it tends to make me sick (so I'm trying to figure out my schedule to take them both). I have to take the birth control pill that's a must. I'm a lil over a week into taking Suboxone. I don't want to take it for any longer than I need to. I feel better all around these days. My back still hurts bad off and on though. I was wondering how do you know when you've been on the Suboxone long enough? I've heard you need to taper off of it very slowly. I found that when I was on the Vicodin that sometimes my muscles would twitch. Well now I find that since I'm on Suboxone it does it quite a bit more often but mostly when I am tired. Any suggestions, ideas or thoughts???