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RUSH...No, I did not have terrific pain at all after surgery (the anesthesia and pain meds they administer while you are still out.. pretty much takes care of the initial waking experience). Most often they put a morophine pump via IV.. to control pain. My pain was more dulled when they gave me vicodin than the morophine. Afterwards.. I hurt and sometimes it got my full attention.. but it has never gotten to the drop to your knees kind. A few twinges here and there.. but nothing that shattering for me. The nerve pain I got a few weeks after surgery hurt, and was more annoying than anything, and it left my leg weak around the ankle/foot area. But hopefully.. that is resolving itself without medication (as I am apparently allergic to two nerve meds they put me on).

I can say that I am in no more pain now then before the surgery. I had horrible sciatica pain before the surgery and that is now gone! Now, it's healing pains.

BABYGIRL.. How are you doing today? Any better? I hope so. Give us an update when you can.

G'nite. Tammy :wave: