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Hi ,
Tammy, your right on the money with it lessening when I walk, that is crazy, not used to walking helping the pain,lol. It is a bit better, but I have been doing an awful lot today, so wee will see i what happens when I slow down like I was yesterday. I did not try the ice, I will if it starts again bad.

Suzy Q, I never thought of brusitis, I'm not sure which one would be the better. I would prefer neither.I am sorry to hear that you have that to contend with now on top of everything else, i will keep ya on that prayer list of mine.

I do have more trouble, I'm begining to wonder if they aren't all tied to my back maybe getting worse, if thats possible at this point. I was getting in the van, I have retired the step stool, I just get in normally now. Well as I turned to face the front I heard & felt this terrible POP :eek: in my back, my mom was in the back seat and she heard it too :eek: . It didnt create any pain, thank God for that, but I have this knot just to the right of my spine in the lumbar area. My entire lower back is not feeling just quite right ever since. We went to baseball game, indians, well they played horribly, and so did my back the whole time I sat it was bad. I have taken my regular dose of meds but had to double up on the vicodin to get relief. I'm now loaded up on meds :bouncing: so I'm not sure how I feel, I do know I'm scared to death what I will feel in the morning. I am calling doc tomorrow, the POP i heard was right where the hardware is in my back, I truely can' t stand the thought of something being wrong now. I must say on the lighter side of all this, my mom was so freaked out with the sounds she heard, she thought the noise was coming from the seat, lolol.

Please keep those prayers up and running for now, I will update as I know anything new, it's getting kinda rough to sit at computer right now, so I won't be posting too much until we can get this cleared up a bit. Thanks so much for your caring thoughts and wishes.

God Bless

Thanks so much for the positive energy,maybe it will flow thru the internet,lol. I'm so glad that your gonna be back to work, that will be a big boost to your self esteem, not to mention the wallet too !

I hope your new mattress works for you, maybe the adjusting from the old one to the new one is the trouble. I have had my select comfort on the lil more coushy setting, it seemes to help if I adjust it periodically. That is the one reason I like this one so much, adjustable.

Well I'm off to bed to, all those meds kicking in pretty good now, you can imagine with the 2 ES vicodin, i'm seeing lil green guys now :D , see now you are too!! roflrofl. Good Night!!!

God Bless