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Hi Tammy,
Sounds like your doing great with work. I'm so happy for you, it does make such a difference. Helping with painting!!! good for you, I can't wait for the day I can do that kind of stuff again, it looks like it will be within the next month or so, if this crazy pain I have heals fast. I got the go ahead to start doing exercises after this heals up. Looks like things are going on the right road somewhat for both of us.

I called SSD today to see how my case is movng since my hearing this past Feb., they said the judge is reviewing the underwritters work now and I should hear from them very soon. I can't wait!

I am resting the rest of this week, I am so sore today from the ride yesterday, my regular meds aren't even touching this pain, guess I will up the vicodin & flexiril a bit and see if that helps. Make sure you rest your body to recover from your activity too, don't want to go too fast and regret it.

Good Luck & God Bless