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I have missed this sooo much! I've been so busy now that I am back to work. Not to mention by the time I get home, I'm sooo tired. I've been doing okay but I'm now still having problems with my right hip and my tailbone. My tailbone area is about to kill me!! :eek: The Vicodine won't even help. I don't know what to do about it. The doctor just keeps shaking his head yes & saying that is "normal" during recovery. WHAT EVER!! IT HURTS!! I'm starting to have the same feel (tingling & numbness) in my toes that I had before surgery. I'm soooo scared I'm ruptured another disc or something.

Anyway, enough complaining!! Yesterday was my birthday!! YEAH ME!!! :bouncing: My huisband took me to a Faith Hill/Tim McGraw concert last week for my present. It was fun but the seats were so uncomfortable.

Hope you all are doing well. I'm going to try & go back & read old posts to catch up.

Hi guys! You miss a lot when you go on vacation-it took me half an hour just to read all the posts! We were in Georgia for 10 days-Jekyll Island area. I want to relocate so bad, but kids would hate me. It was so wonderful to get away. I feel like I've come to terms with what I've been through. I was going thru the pics on my dig camera though & came across the last pictures of my mom-that was tough. Still can't believe it some days.

I'm still dealing with this pain BS, too. I had to refill the prednisone for tailbone pain. Great while I'm on it, but kills me when I'm not. I can't get moving without taking pain meds first thing in the morning. As soon as I sit down or have a BM it kills me. Called the surgeon again-waiting for a call back. I hate this, when's it going to end? I'm wondering if i herniated my L5/S1. I've been taking vicodin, ibuprofen, valium, etc., but icing it seems to give me the most relief. It feels like the stronger the fusion gets, the more tight everything else is. They took an X-ray & said the fusion looks great, but I would feel better if they did something more thorough I guess. (That 13 hour ride home probably didn' help did it? It was worth it though.)

Got to catch up on bills & housework. Company coming this weekend-feel for me okay? Hang in there everyone.
Good to hear from you Carol and glad you had fun, must have been good for everyone to get away. Be glad you're not there this week as there's a front stalled along the coast.. Yes, this definitely stinks, trying to lower my vicodin dosage, but with the lower dose, I have pain in the left side (which has been fairly quiet). We'll get through it, yes we will.......at least we're keeping the drug companies in business, right? I feel your pain (literally!) with the company Carol...even though mine was considerate, theres still so much extra to do...

Last night on the walk we had to walk around a copperhead in the road :eek: , our walking partner got real close and it coiled ready to strike. Last night there was a mother bear and a cub in our yard - we know they are around as they have torn down our bird feeders more than once but we haven't seen them lately.

How long before you hear on your SS Okie? Hang in there, if anyone can get through this, it's you...

Have a good minimal pain-day all....
Hey all; looks like things are trying to get back to normal around here at least the rivers are receding. DH made it to work and that is along the Susquehanna River. Rained a bit in the night, and rain in the forecast for the next week, but hopefully won't amount to much.

No baby yet, they are going to induce her tomorrow if nothing happens before then. Her original due date was July 4 so at least that day isn't a national disaster.....

With luck the surgeon will clear me to kayak next week..that will make me truly happy. The first time I kayaked I was in love with it, and couldn't believe I'd never done it before! (and I'll bet you're thinking I do those log roll thingys, but not into it that much....) I'm doing the exercise bike faithfully this week (parked the real bike after some nasty knee and calf pains a few weeks ago, which may or may not have been related to the loopy weather) but I'm afraid he'll yell at me if I tell the truth and say I have avoided the stationary bike as much as the treadmill these days before now.

The biggest annoyance I've had is this nerve/muscle/??? in my outer mid thigh has had a constant twitch for the last 2 days - more noticeable when I lay down; I can see it move. No difference after I walk/bike and it doesn't hurt, just feels like I'm possessed...The only thing different is I'm trying to take the vicodin 2x a day.

Hope everyone else is doing well, Carol and Dee let us know what's going on, Okie I have a feeling you're too fiesty to give up, so there! :p
Susiebird did you say Kayak ? My God that would kill my lower back.
Your taking vicodin ? If you need that for pain I can't see your doctor giving you the ok for a kayaking . Sorry...but I wouldn't try it , to painful...

My doctor's office is in Berwick.. I live in central PA. So I drive a ways..

Hope your feeling well today.

Hi guys, thanks for the support. I can't get in until next Wed., 2 docs are on vacation. But, the ob nurse read the report to me & said these are a very common, non-malignant kind. She said because it's so big (golf ball size) and causing pain that he will more than likely want to remove it. I feel pretty good about this, but my butt is killing me. Lots of vicodin for sure.

Susie, congrats on the grandbaby, how neat. I can tell your the proud gramma.

Shoes sure make a difference. I wear my Keds most of the time or a running shoe. I want to weat sandals so bad, but it's not worth it.

Gotta go make shortcakes. See ya!