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Hi Suzy. My goodness! Glad you recognized what was makin you feel so bad. We really get to know our bodies through this don't we. We become our own body sleuths!

I can't take Ultram at all, even small doses.. it makes me very ill. So does perocet. Yet, I get very good results with Vicodin. Go figure!! The Vicodin worked better for me than the morophine did from the IV. The nurses commented how much better I was doing when they switched me over to the oral Vicodin and took me off the Morph. I noticed it myself.

I think you need to discuss your pre and post meds with the doctor pretty soon, and indeed tell him what you learned and see what his comment is about things.

Glad you doing better.

Schragie.. you have been pretty scarce on the board.. and I haven't been a typing dynamo lately myself.. How are you doing? I overdid it a few days ago painting and pulling tape off windows, and have had sciatic pain on both sides since. I have my 8 week check up on Wednesday, so will wait until then to tell him. I keep goin, but it's such a nuisance. When does it end? hahaha. On a good note, I am going back to work part time. I go in 2 days next week, for 1/2 days to see how things go. We all had lunch last week and it was nice to see everyone again and my boss was glad to see that I was doing better than he thought I would be. I had my Poker face on!! hehehe. Nah, I think I will have no problem sittin at my desk. They know i am more limited than before for now. So I have a good situation. And if I can't then I will tell them and go home.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!! Take care. Tammy
Many Thanks to All - I appreciate the responses.
It is quite true that different people respond differently, eh? I found Ultram on many a list as a med that is noted for its addictive (dependency) properties. I do appreciate all that Barb, and zeroman, have said about the important difference between drug-dependency and drug-abuse. I have had many Rxs for narcotic pain-killers (vicodin and percocet) over the last 2.5 years but I never experienced any type of withdrawal issues until taking Ultram. Oh well, I'll live.
I took 1 Ultram (instead of 2) 3 times today. My back pain is pretty rotten as it usually is on a weekend. I have had a few cold sweats but nothing else in the way of withdrawal symptoms. I will call my doc tomorrow but I hope to be able to taper off of this med. All in all, it doesn't agree with me too well. I'd like to be done with it before the surgery (June 22) though I might not have enough time to do it slowly and safely.
Barb, you are a fund of good information. I agree wholeheartedly in that addiction and dependency is not well understood. There is some new research that is very interesting and points towards a very biological basis for drug -addiction and casts doubt on our image of the 'drug-addicted' person as a weak individual. It sure doesn't mean drug-addiction or drug-dependency isn't a problem - just that it is another type of medical condition and not a social or behavioral choice for many.
So good to hear from you Tammy, Carol, and Lori. I'm plugging along and keeping too busy to fret much about the surgery. I did a foolish thing that may turn out to be brilliant planning! I invited the entire staff over for a party at my place next Saturday! Nuts, eh? Actually, it shouldn't be too much work since I, 1) have a housekeeper starting tomorrow (don't get too excited, she'll only come every other week but I'm grateful believe me), and 2) there will be no cooking at all. The menu is pizza, ice cream sundaes and S'mores around the campfire. We have horseshoe pits in the front woodlot and my husband will take all the hikers into the forest to do The Loop (about 2 mile easy hike). So, aside from some housework extras, it shouldn't wreck me entirely. It already is proving to be a nice distraction. I thought it would be a lovely way to finish up at work and say my good-byes. Like you, Tammy, I enjoy a very supportive and affectionate relationship with my co-workers. My boss is a fantastic woman and I think quite a bit about my staff. It has been a long year for all of us and many of them are donating their hard-earned sick hours to get me through this recovery. I think a fare-well bash is in order.
Well, I've had it. I must get to bed. So good to chat with you. Take good care - Suzy-Q