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I started having lower back pain about 2.5 years ago. I was sent for numerous tests and they really didn't find anything except degenerative disk disease. My doctor believes my back problems are from inflammation. I have been on vicodin for the lasr 2.5 years. Typically I only need to take it every 3 or so days however for the last 5 weeks I have needed the medication daily. I just started using a TENS unit in hopes of aleviating some of my pain. I'm finding that the vicodin and the TNS unit are not helping me and I am miserable. I've tried getting massages, taking hot baths, using motrin on a regular basis, using a heating pad etc. I'm wondering if you guys have any more suggesstions for me? I have had steroid injections into my spine and that helps some but I find the steroid contributes to weight gain which I don't need. I'm hoping someone here has some further ideas. I am so miserable that I just want to lay around and do nothing.