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Well...I dont think I will survive if I have to live with the acid reflux for 9 months. It literally causes intense pain up the right side of my back, in my stomach and throat. It is really horrible. But let me give you a run down of my day yesterday just so you can see how unlucky I am.
I took my dogs to the park. We drove and it is about 1.5 miles away. I had a dentist appointment in 1.5 hours for a broken molar and was having it pulled. I went to the park unshowered and not dressed to see anyone. while at the park I decided to walk the dogs around the perimeter. When we got back to the car we were very hot, very sweaty, and excited to get water and get home. THE CAR WAS LOCKED! I had locked the keys in my car. So I had to walk the BIG tired and hot dogs down a very steep hill past tons of other barking BIG dogs in the heat while having one dog with cancer and lymes disease.The poor guy was ready to pass out the whole time. We had to walk right through the main part of town cross busy streets with my looking like a homeless person :-P I was gross and so hot and had like 30 minutes to get home and get showered and get my fiance to come open my car and get to the dentist. SO all that was taken care of and I got to the dentist on time. The tooth was pulled and it was very hard to come out AND PAINFUL! After the appt I was given penicillian and vicodin. I, for some STRANGE reason, thought I should get a pregnancy test before I take these. So I did and I found I was pregnant. I am also "OLD" :) And just thought it is not going to happen any day soon. I actually thought I was a day away from my period. I was wrong. So now my mouth is swollen, bleeding, painful and I cant take any pain medicine for it. So this is the kind of day I have when I found I was pregnant! What a horror story. But I could not help myself to take a nexium last night. That pain on top of the dental pain was just too much. SOrry about the story...I just had to tell someone. It was pretty crazy. :rolleyes: