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hi sherri :wave: i have had 5 emg's. i hate them, they actually make me cry. i take 20mg of vallium before i go. i'm also a wc case but i got hurt in 2000. had 3 previous surgury's and the 4th (nov05) is the one that left me with rsd :confused: . the doc hit my spinal cord while doing the cervical anterior fusion. don'y ever feel like your rambling, that what this board is all about, to vent to people who know exactly how you feel. i can't talk to my hubby or kids cause they can never understand the pain and stress we are going thru. ( i hope they never have to go thru this, ok, maybe for 1 day so they can better understand it...lol) :) i have to wait until next may to settle, i'm in connecticut and they say 1 1/2 that it can take to get to my max. healing. i will settle asap. i also applied for ss. i am getting wc right now and have been getting it since 2000 when i originally got hurt. my rsd is in both hands, wrist's and left forearm. after my last surgury, i switched docs and the new 1 thinks i will never be able to work again :confused: . in my perticular case, when i awoke from surgury, i had NO use of my hands, and a tremendous burning feeling in my hands, also numbness in my hands and fingers more in the left then the right. also in my wrists and left forearm. my doc siad it was just from the surgury and it would soon go away. that was the last time i ever saw him. he kept sending me to his pa who i liked but i wanted to see the doc so i would at least feel that he cared. thats when i switched. the new doc is great and is sending me to pm, i go on june 30th and i cant wait. i am on 7 different meds. neuronton, vallium, vicodin, anatriptolen, naprocin, cymbalta and lidoderm pstches, also lunesta but wc wont pay for it. i don't know your specific symptoms and i also write on the neuropathy web page. the symptoms are very simular and so are the meds. i hope some of this info helped :D . anyway, good luck sherri and write back any time. i usually go on this sight when ever i feel i need a boost. it really makes me feel better knowing that there are people out there just like me who will listen and i will gladly listen to them. have a great night, or day cause i'm in connecticut :bouncing: