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HI JBravo... Driving is probably one of the worse things that can aggravate a back, especially if it is longer than 15 minutes or so... I have a big durango, with very comfy seats that help alot, but still bother me if I drive too long... You may need to readjust your lumbar support and pull yourself closer to the wheel so you dont have to reach too much. ALso, try to sit straight with good posture.

Dont worry too much about reherniating, etc... My friend had disecotomy last year, and recently had leg pain again, and back pain, and doctor just thinks he aggravated the disc because he was raking his back yard too much and gave him some Vicodin and is feeling better now.. THinks it has something to do with scar tissue.. Keep excercising properly and you should be ok..

Let us know how you make out..