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The "large" herniation at L4-L5 is of little concern to the NS. Listening to the referral nurse describe it, I figured paralysis was about to set in, or something, but he didn't even mention it until I asked him about it.

The S1-L5, on the other hand, is certainly compressing a nerve root. His opinion is that the ejected disc material has sequestered, or at least is very close to it, and that the outter part of the tear in the anulus may be nearly healed. As such, he thinks that there is a chance that the "free fragment" which is compressing the nerve root will shrink up on its own.

So, I'm on "wait and see" for a bit, with an appointment with a PT to learn a little bit about core strengthening, proper bending, etc.

Worst case, he says, he can remove the protrusion / fragment endoscopically.

I can live with this.

Now, a note about fear. This is a bit embarassing, but I'll share anyway.

I had nearly a month to scare myself about this. I read a lot of stuff, most of which does not apply at all to my situation, but I had no context, no way of determining that. So, when I went to see this doctor I was the most scared that I have been in my entire life so far as I can recall. I haven't had to take any of my vicodin for a few weeks for pain, but I took two of the things the other day hoping I could calm myself down a bit. Unfortunately, it doesn't often have that effect on me. I thought I was going to pass out.

That night, I crashed. And I mean crashed. Not only tired, but depressed-feeling. Bizarre.