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Hi Brenwill,
I'm so sorry to hear your suffering from this, and it does all sound like nerve pain to me too. I am 7 months post op and still suffer from it, I'm on 2400 mg. of neurontin, Es vicodin, flexiril, and pamalor, and still feel the nerve pain, but very little of it. I have been told that the nerve damage causing the pain can take up to 18 months to heal, YUK!!! thats a long time left to go for me still.

I do hope your pain doesn't last very long. If you look up the dermatome map, you can see what nerve covers which areas, that helped me alot to understand why some places bothered me, it helped it all make sense. I never dreamed that the inside part of my foot was burning because of nerve damage in my back.

LJ is right on about everyones pain being so different, it depends what part of the nerve has been damaged, and the feelings can change hourly sometimes.

I pray for your recovery, God Bless.