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Hi Kaci,
I had my 3rd & 4th surgeries this past nov, back approach on the 11 & front approach 4 days later. I had a two level fusion at L4-S1, with rods, screws & cages with BMP.

Originally back in 2003, I suffered from a grade 2-3 spondy with stenosis, lordosis, DDD & arthritis. They could not move the vertibra back into place due to scar tissue from the other 2 failed fusions, so it is secured in the gr. 2-3 spondy position.

I have suffered severe nerve damage in my left leg & fooot since the past surgery. I am on 2400 mg. of neurontin, ES vicodin, flexiril and pamalor on a daily basis to manage the remaining pain I have now. I can walk about one mile in about 50 minutes, so I'm slowly building things up. I have just got the go ahead to start my PT at home. My dr. and I have decided not to go to a therapy center, I have been thru therapy 6 times in the last 3 yrs. so I do know them all very well .

My recovery has been kind of slow compared to others, but I am almost 45 and have had 4 surgeries in the past 3 yrs on my back, and one shoulder surgery also, so that does have some bearing on it.

I did put a stool next to my bed just after surgery, just a one step stool to help with getting in and out of bed. I also have one in our mini-van, it was a god send when I came home from hospital. I still use one in my kitchen. A grabber on every level of your house is a good idea, avoid bending at all if possible.

The hosiptal I was in sent me a small binder full of going home instructions for back surgeries, you may want to ask your Dr. or hospital if they do that. You can also check out the sticky at the top of this board, there is alot of good advice & tips there also. I know there are many reputable sights out there that have great info also, there are a few listed by the sticky too.

I do wish you well and a speedy recovery, God Bless.