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I found this forum while searching for a resolution for my back pain. I am 34 years old and have had mid (thoracic T5-T6) back pain on only the right side for 15 years. I first got the pain when I was pregnant with my first child. I have been to several doctors, Neuro, Chiro, PT, message, prolo therepy & accupuncture. I have tried anti-depresents, anti-inflamitories, muscle relaxers, neurotin, other neuro type meds, and currently on Vicodin (which works okay during the better days and not at all during the not so better days), Dr has recommended Morphine or Oxicodone (maybe it was Oxicotin). I have used the tens unit, botox, cortesone, and lidoderm patch. As you all know it is very difficult to discribe pain, but here it goes....to the right of the T5 before the main muscle, I feel a tingle type pain. The muscle to the right of the spine feels like a bad tooth ache (sometimes tingly) and the muscles going to the shoulder blade and right under the shoulder blade just feel like they need a severe message, all areas throb sometimes as well. I have had message therapy several times through out the years and currently have received a message once a week for about 6 months. Feels great while I get it, but by the next day, right back where I have been. My pain has not kept me from being who I am, an active mother and a wife, but sure has decreased the value of my life (exp. I can not sit at the cinema without changes positions 30 times and getting up 6 times). I really rely on taking the vicodin and my doctor is fine with keeping this up forever. I really do not want to rely on this medicine to make it through every day of my life.
There is some background, I am sure I missed lots of stuff. My question is....I am scheduled for a MRI in two days, so I got a copy of my previous MRI that I had in 2001 (5 years ago) for my new doctor to compare if needed. I read the results and it reads "A small area of increased signal is noted inferiorly in the T5 vertebral body. This increased signal is noted on both T1 and T2. Its appearance is consistent with a small benign vertebral hemangioma. These are not usually of any significance." The rest of the report just says that the thoracic spine is essentially unremarkable. The Neuro did not share this with me at the time.
Does anyone know what this really means? Could my symptoms be caused from this tiny little thing? Is it just a coincedence that this is on my T5 and my pain originates from my T5 and is only on one side of my back?

Thank you very much for your responses,