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What do you do? I am becoming a basket case having 1 to 2 hours asleep at night pain all the time in all positions.....

I have 5 bulging L4, L3, L2, L1, S1.......I saw him twice and he did have me on 5mg vicodin and muscle relaxers since my back is completely in a spasm and crooked......it hasn't gotten any better but worse. My legs are cramping and getting shooting pains off and on all day.

When I saw him the second time he wanted to stop the pain killers and use alieve which I did try to go w/ his way but it's just not working.....I do have appointment for the pain management on Friday afternoon but I don't think mentally or physically I can do it.....Any suggestions? should I call him up and talk to him? this is all new to me so I am just confused and in quite some pain

Thanks, Mark :confused: