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Good news from the surgeon, looks like I'm fusing :) . He took me off the robaxin and the vicodin, but put me on neurontin :eek: plus Feldene - it's an NSAID (never heard of it). Also cortisone shot in my SI joint on the right side. I'm chicken to try the neurontin yet, so took the old stuff as I'm way overdue and don't want to experiment this late in the day.

He told me I could walk 5 miles in the morning and 5 in the afternoon if I wanted; I can jog, start core exercises, AND try the kayak but I'm going to check at the gym about a personal trainer before I get too nuts...felt a lot better after I left, went shopping and bought new sneakers and 2 count'em 2 bathing suits.....tried on some birkenstocks; they felt good, but I didn't want to part with the $90 today. someone told me that sams has the same thing only a lot cheaper, so I'll wait.

The surgeon is very happy about my new career and gave me permanent restrictions so I'll never have to make another diaper- evah! left it at 4 hour days....he'll leave it up to me when I want to increase it. Maybe this winter....I see the plant doc on the 17th.

Bears have been common around here the last 3 years. They love birdfeeders and have destroyed a few of ours, wild turkeys -last year they nested right behind our house and one day I counted 35 birds; white-tail deer graze in our lawn - they've left my flowers alone so far, but if they start, they'll be venison in the freezer this fall..woodchucks, stray cats, oh it's fun to sit on the back porch and watch them all. We have 5 acres and half of it is open field so there is plenty for them all to eat.

I totally agree that sitting at the computer is probably one of the worst things for our backs, Carol. Good luck with a new venture, sometimes you just gotta go for it! Easy for me to say right?

Hope you're feeling better Okie; Deedee and Dan also. Take care all!
Took my 2nd neurontin an hour ago - he's starting me at 300mg 3x/day. I feel mighty sleepy, BUT still feel better than the fog brain I had with the robaxin and the vicodin. Haven't had anything else so far and it's easier to sit at the puter again. The shot in the SI joint was zapping me last night, but he must have hit the right spot because when I laid down, there was absolutely NO PAIN, and I've had that since day 1 of surgery. Not sure how long it will last, but I'll take the relief for as long as I can. :) Hopefully I can avoid the crash-and-burn effect; things have GOT to start going right soon.....

I'm actually COLD today; it's high 70's and no humidity with a nice breeze. I think the shoes at Sams are called Petula's?

Hope you all have a good day; think I need to take a nap. My face feels hot and I'm having trouble focusing? Oh the joys of being a lab rat!!!!
I bet the majority of your pain as of late is from the sress of dealing on your property. Just a guess. I notice when the kids are fighting my back is usually pretty bad. If the valium didn't wipe me out I would take that. I'm taking the lyrica, but hoping to go back to 2 a day real soon. Yes, it is getting better. I was out shopping for school yesterday & didn't have to take a vicodin when I got home.:blob_fire That's huge for me.Thanks for the SS info-I will pass that along. I can't decide if he really has a problem or just wants to quit working.He says his big toe is numb. I wish that's all I had wrong. He's always been the whiner. I'm awful, but it's true. He hasn't lifted a finger to get anything out of my parents house yet. He doesn't even watch the baby, they have a sitter. And, he's usually not up until 11:00 am. Ok enough already, but you get the picture? Inheritances do strange things to people & I'm in the middle of 2 of them.

Oakie, I really hope the surgeon is helpful this time. Don't let him blow you off.

Susie, hope you're having a great time.