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I'm 7 months post op from fusion L5 S1 and my doc finally admitted Thursday I would not be able to go back to my job as a manufacturing technician - lots of twisting, turning, crawling and mechanical work from ladders - at my last visit he hinted there was a possibility I could go back and lift 45 pounds (listed on the duty statement, but often more with maintenance work) along with 12 hour swing shifts (I think he didn't stop and "look" at my duty statement). He released me for 4 hours sedentary work; the meds I was on (vicodin and robaxin) don't mix with moving equipment so I couldn't go back to the line to do quality control work.

It's probably easier for a female (although I've always been a tomboy) to settle in to an office type job; I'm not totally happy about giving up a job I love (except for those 12 hour swing shifts, which are a BEAR). Luckily this isn't WC, so I've been in control much of the time.

I had been studying for a new career (started out strong, but petered out for a while) but that made me get motivated to study again, and I got my certification in medical records coding in May. I turned down 2 job offers (which now I wish I had taken) but wasn't feeling too confident about my recovery at the time (plus the prospective boss is quite overbearing :dizzy: ). Now best case scenario, I can get a job to work from home, won't have to worry about travel, and can lay down when I need to. I just started on neurontin, and so far it seems to be good for me (plus I'm certainly more clear-headed than with the previous cocktail).

I'm lucky that DH has a decent job (although I made a lot more than him), our house is almost paid for, and the kids are grown (but still need help from time to time), so I can afford to take a financial hit easier than someone with a family to support.