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Hi everyone! I just found this site yesterday and am very impressed with the answers. This is my problem: I herniated L4/L5 last summer after painting a room (stupidly moved some furniture). I am a teacher so I had some time off. I went on vicodin and ibuprofen and rest. Soon I started physical therapy, and did that three times a week for three months. Then I joined Curves. I am a very active person with three grandkids, four horses and several other animals. I live for my summers when I actually have time to spend with those whom I love. I was feeling quite well by the end of March; going horsebackriding every Saturday, babysitting the kids once or twice a week, and going to church every Sunday. I babied my back, and didn't do things like any kind of lifting (exception of grandkids - no choice getting them out of car seats. I'd be a little sore, but didn't think it was a big deal).My husband went out of town for two weeks in April. I had to carry the hay out to the horses 2X/day and doctor the foot of one who went lame. I could feel soreness returning in my lower back, so I went back to my GP who increased my dose of vicodine from 1 pill(at that time) a day to 2. I continued going to Curves and riding on Sat. In April, after a 7 hour drive (with plenty of stops) the pain got worse. Gp upped vicodin to 3 a day and gave me a muscle relaxor. I got slowly better, in fact felt great last week. I had a thermal ablation on Thursday and felt fine. On Sunday, I only had 1 pill. I went to church, lunch, took a nap and visted with the neighbors. I had a few beers. When I woke up Monday morning, I couldn't move. I have bruises from my husband pulling me out of bed. I am in such severe pain. Was in the emergency room Monday night (screaming pain trying to lie down). Got a pain shot and some prednisone. Saw GP on Wed who gave me more vicodine and a referral for an epidural injection which I had yesterday. I still am in screaming pain. The shot guy gave me oxycodin which takes the edge off the pain for about 1 1/2 hrs, then I slowly walk around till I can take another pill. I only sleep an hour or two at a time, then literally crawl to the the pills, stand still for a half hour, then slowly walk back to the couch. I'm sorry to sound like such a whiner with a long post. I know many of you are in much worse shape. I just can't believe this happened again (and feels worse). So here are my questions: Should I not have done anything (horses/kids/exersize) when my back felt well? How long should I do nothing after I feel OK? Did drinking beer help bring it on? (I often feel sorer after drinking, and I only have a beer if I'm nottaking pain meds.)I again have ruined my summer. I am so depressed with the severe pain and not being able to do anything but slowly wander around the house. I'm scared that I won't ever be able to do the things I enjoy again. It has only been 6 days since the severe pain, but it is not getting any better. Can it take days for the injection to work. The sciatica is unbearable. What is normal? Is it too soon to see a surgeon? I have to be back to work on 8/1.Thank you so much for any input. Again sorry for being so longwinded.
sorry to hear your story. I know exactly how you feel. In January I helped my husband move a futon to paint and that was the "beginning of my end"--my life is changed now. Not to sound grim, cuz I have a lot going on in my back that you may not have.
My suggestion is to see a spine specialist not just a GP. My first stop was to my GP who, although I love her as a GP, she gave me muscle relaxers and pain meds...not intil I went to a spine ortho dr, did I have the x-ray and MRI that showed exactly what was going on, and was told what I could and could not do, and what my options were. I've learned through trial and error, what works for me.
Ice is helpful and stretching and ibuprophen. I am afraid of heavy narcs like vicodin. They are masking the pain, and you are then doing stuff that may be hurting your back further I'm thinking.
I am not a doctor obviously, just someone who's been there and knows what it feels like and hope that you can get to a specialist who can home in on the problem more closely and give you some direction and guidance.
good luck to you.:wave:
Thanks Charliecat. I had an MRI last July when I herniated L4/L5 (terrible sciatica on left side) and one 8 years ago when I tore L5/S1(siatica/numbness on right side). Both showed up on last year's MRI. The first injury took years to heal and I still have numbness in the back of my right leg. The GP seems to think that this is a reinjury of L4/L5 - same side, same pain. The pain doctor gave me the injection at S1 because he said that's where sciatca stems from. I am no better, maybe even worse. I dread afternoons and nights when it hurts so bad I have to take something (vicodin, oxycodin, and/or ibuprofen) every three hours. I have no idea how you brave folks get through this without narcotics. I really am not a pain baby, but this gets unbearable! I sure hope that this shot kicks in soon. Anyone hear of sciatica only coming from S1? And if mine is coming from L4/L5, will the steroids eventually get there? Thanks again, and God Bless you all.
I cannot tell you all how blessed I am by this site. You people are wonderful!

Zeroman, I hope you are right and my shot kicks in soon. I had it on Friday, and yes, the pain is worse. And Wit, I will DEMAND a new MRI if I'm not better in a few days.

When I first posted I was really on the pittypot about ruining my summer, ect. I am a VERY active person - always outside with my horses, running around with friends, at church - and this has really sidelined me. I feel like I'm in TV hell (is there anything good on TV:dizzy: ???).

Now I'm getting worried, as I'm not getting any better and actually feel worse. I'm very concerned about all the meds, and this is why: I come from an adictive family. My younger sister died last March from an OD of her presciption meds. She had had 4 back surgeries as well as a severe burn and had never found relief.

My brother, who has RA, is trying to get off vicodin and alcohol. At least he quit smoking.

This is what I'm taking, and I'm still in constant pain. Mind you, this has only been going on for a week. This is what I took yesterday.

4:30 am oxycodone (7.5-325) and ibuprofen 600 mg
(felt pretty well, had my mom drive me to get cat food)
10:30 am vicodine 5/500
(guess car ride was not such a good idea)
12:20 pm oxycodone
3:00 Vicodine and 600mg ibuprofen
7:00 vicodine
8:30 chlorzoxazone 500mg (muscle relaxor-getting ready for the nightly torture)
10:30 vicodine
1:30 am vicodine
5:00 am (this morning) I decided to sleep in my own bed last night, instead of the couch (which is easier to roll off of) so I took an oxycodone and 600 mg ibuprofen then layed there for 20 minutes, then had my wonderful husband pull me out of bed.

I'm trying not to take too much of the same stuff in one day, but what actually is in oxycodone? If it's codine, I'm fooling myself.

again, thank you so much for your encouragement and advise, you people are really a godsend. God bless, (Che is my cockatiel's name :)
Hi Holly,

I don't want to scare you or anything and believe me, i know how excruciating the pain is and ya get to the point where you don't care what you are taking; all you want is pain relief. But im worried that you may be taking too many different meds at the same time (especially being that 2 are narcotics)

Vicodin contains acetominophen (tylenol) PLUS hydrocodone (narcotic). The Oxycodone is ALSO a narcotic pain reliever. Both are similar to Codeine. Plus you are taking all that Ibuprofen and muscle relaxants. Please at least do a search on the web for drug interactions and/or look up each of the drugs you are taking to read up on them & see what they are all about. You can end up damaging your liver or kidneys by taking too many of the same type of drug or something worse.
when you said oxycodone 7.5-350 are you sure thats right? oxycodone has just oxycodone, nothing else (I take it, mine are just 5 mg oxycodone). what is the other 325 mg?

oxycodone and hydrocodone (whats in vicoden) are very similar, so you are on a fairly high dose of narcotic (43.5 mg of it that day if I added it right). for comparison Im on 60 mg oxy a day (10 mg 6 times a day) but am just under 3 weeks post op.

people can take very high doses of narcotic with no damage under close doctor supervision but thats high enough to possibly notice withdrawl symptoms if you stop suddenly. BUT you need to have a doc figure your doses, you have to get acclimated to high doses. take too much too soon and you can wind up in the hospital with respiratory problems as it slows your breathing down. make sure your doc knows what doses you are taking!

on the other hand, acetominophen can be bad in high doses.. acetominophen can harm your liver when youre over the max daily dose. the max dose is 4000 mg per day and youre at just over 1/2 that.. so be careful that you dont overdo the vicodin. if the other 325 mg of stuff you say is in the oxycodone is acetominophen you are now close the the max daily dose.

not sure what the interactions of the other stuff is but as baybreeze said read up on it or call a pharmacy and ask them.

are all those meds from the same doc? is that his dosage schedule?

PS and No, there isnt anything good on TV :)
The 325 is tylenol. I am not sure why your doctor would prescribe two short acting medications to control pain. Generally doctors will prescribe a long acting medication like Oxycontin, Morphine or Methadone and then a break through medication such as vicodin to be used only as needed.

Oxycodone is not codiene and is considered a synthetic opiod.

I would talk to your doctor about his prescribing methods, perhaps you would benefit better with one long acting medication and break through medications as needed. Long acting medications can last from 8-24 hours depending on the medication and are a bit safer on the system in comparison to percocet, which is what the oxycodone brand name really is
Thank you all so much. It concerns me too. The vicodine and ibuprofen were perscriped by GP, and the oxycodone was perscriped by the pain dr who gave me the epidual on Friday (who knew what else I was taking). When I filled the script, I asked the pharmasist and he said don't take the 2 narcotics at the same time due to the tylonel. I am going to cut way back. As long as I don't sit for long or lie down, and slowly meander around the house and yard, the pain isn't unbearable. Today I have taken the oxy and ibupr at 5:00 am this morning and again at 11:00. I called the pharmacy and voiced my concerns. He was more concerned about the ibuprofen and said to limit it to 3 a day. I have felt my breathing being weird, but usually after taking the muscle relaxor at night. I'm not going to take that at all. Right before my sister passed out and died last March, my niece said that she had been breathing weird. (She had been on many pain pills for years) I am SOOOO thankful to you people for your concern, honesty and not sugarcoating my problems. Yes, I am still in a lot of pain, but the oxy seems to take the edge off the longest. I just hate the way it makes me feel - sometimes on the verge of a panic attack, but that's probably because I am not used to the feeling:dizzy: I am going to call my GP tomorrow and demand an MRI and see if my insurance will cover DRX-9000. I can't believe we actually have one in the area (small tri-city community with less than 60K people). I will also ask her about getting a pain med that lasts longer (maybe I could sleep?). God bless you all! You are SO helpful!