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Hello,I am so happy that I may be of some help here !! :)

I know how lost i felt a few months ago when I was starting on yet another new med .....
first, topomax is not to be used like vicodin, topomax is a commitment.
It is in a class like Neurotten and Lyrica..the anti seizure meds...

hope this helps you know a little bit
ok, i will tell you where i am currently with topomax and i will do my best to help you from my experiences, but please remember, we are all so very different with this terrible monster that has taken over our bodies...(sorry, im having a flare up that wont go away), but i will try and be more positive.....
I was on neuroten, could not tolerate. Terrible on the brain, just terrible
I was on Lyrica, (was worse on my body than the neuroten and dr's didnt believe me.....)
So, after mental breakdown and new neurologist and started on new med, Topomax. started 25 mg each day for 7 days for one week. Until i was up to 100mg each day, 50mg in the am and 50mg in the pm. Hope this makes sense...I have not been making sense too much lately from the pain and the meds, so sorry, but i will be specific if you have specific questions....

There are side effects from all the meds. This is a difficult part for many of us.
I had many rare side effects that took some time to get treatment for. But once i started treating those and got those under control, man i was good to go. The burning pain was gone, the stabbing was gone, just some occasional jolts like stabbing, but not as severe. I was loving the topomax, even with the side effects, i could tell when i got up to 50mg it was starting to relieve some pain....it was an incredible feeling.

But now i am flaring out of control in pain. This is because of my IME. I had a good ime, my first one and a diagnosis of rsd. But he ordered occupational therapy. I started ot, but i could hardly go to four sessions and now it is spreading and my pain is greater than the fentanyl patch my primary care physician gave me.

but please ask away...i want to try and help someone...let me feel wanted :)