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Yes, this one says I have to get meds from him and only him, yada yada yada. I'm not much of a risk b/c I only need about 1 vicodin a day to get me by anyway. I just deal with it via advil or alleve, or aspirin the rest of the time. I don't like being loopy with the boys here. At night is another story. I hate being poked and prodded too. I guess I am getting used to it, though, as I never even flinch any more. Of course none of that compares to childbirth, so I'm okay with enduring some pain. I love cloth diapering. It's not boring nowadays. It's so fun and you get to pick fabrics and embroidery if you want it. They're nothing like they used to be. Snaps and velcro closing now and waterproof. It's amazing and fun. Cost wise, you're looking at about 2.00 for a prefold diaper, or for an embroidered all in one diaper about 25.00-30.00. Yes, I said 30.00 for a diaper. :D I'll let you pick yourself up off the floor now and I'll catch ya later. :p

I hope they don't tell me I have to come in within 24 hrs notice. That's impossible for me with 2 kids, one in school and one at home with no one to babysit. I won't worry about that until I consult with this doc though.

Okay, neurologist. That's different than a neurosurgeon, right? I have a surgeon, and he's prescribing for me now, but not offering much advice on the situation nowadays. I would love to just be feeling good and not hurting, but not have to go through surgery. I know, too much to ask probably. I have a very good chiro and he does estim on me along with flexion/distraction and manipulation. It's just not helping me at all.
I tried to warn ya. LOL My standard all in one diaper is 19.00.

I am the same way now with being poked. I used to be needle phobic, not anymore.

I've never thought about a neurologist. I'll have to look into that.

I'm hurting this morning and took 3 advil to see if that would help it. Instead, I got HORRIBLE stomach pain. I think I'm getting a problem from all the NSAID's now. What gives???? I took some pepto and it called down just a bit. It still hurts, though. I guess I'll have to see if it continues and then tell my NS about it. I'm taking celebrex 1x a dya now(was 2x but I took myself down to 1x) and take advil some, but not every day. I try to alternate between it and tylenol. I also take vicodin but just at night. I called for something different a few minutes ago, and get this, the nurse told me to take Tylenol. Yeah, that's really gonna help me. NOT! UGH! I give up. I'm gonna go try to eat something else and see if it helps my tummy. Be back later.