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I wouldn't be too concerned right now about your level of pain, 6 weeks post op is very soon to expect lil pain. If you have nerve damage, I'm assuming thats what your Dr. is thinking is going on. It can take up to 18 months for it to heal completely, I have severe nerve damage in foot & leg since nov, two level fusion. I take 2400 mg of neurontin, Es vicodin every 4-6 hrs., flexiril every 8 hrs. and pamalor at bedtime. I still feel some pain and other feelings, but it's tolerable with the meds. If it's too bad call your doc and ask if he can up the neurotin a bit. I had mine increased 2 times since I started on it.

Take your time and let your body tell you what you can do. Trust me you don't want to rush this. The water is probably the best thing, it takes the weight off of the body, but be careful you don't do too much in it. Bending and twisting can probably be the worst things to do, so watch out for that.

Every person is so different, it's hard to tell what is normal for you. Since it seems your dr. is aware of your complaints and is not too worried, then I would just take it easy for a few weeks and see what happens.

I was not allowed out of bed,except for potty breaks for the first five weeks post op, I can't imagine getting into a pool then let alone swimming. So your way ahead of most I think.

Good Luck & God Bless