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I have a drug test coming up for an Employer, and was wondering something.

I have a prescription for Vicodin, If I'm tested and I come back positive, will this be waived and ignored, and the employer will only get information saying "Negative"?

Would appreciate any insight.
Quote from AmericanSensei:
I know it's going to be done via Urine...I'm just worried even if its waived, the employer would still be iffy on hiring me...

But then again, some tell me, the only results employers see, is Positive or Negative..Never details about what prescriptions your on, that info stays with the drug test facility.

This true?

HIPPA laws should protect your privacy in regards to what medications you are taking. It is illegal for the lab handling your drug test to tell your employer what medications you are taking. If the test comes up positive for opiates (which it probably will), a physician will probably call you and consult with the lab results, which is when you'll be able to state that you take Vicodin, and issue a copy of the prescription if necessary. This is how my employer handles things; all positive tests are handled between the employee and the lab.

There is no harm in asking the lab or whoever takes your specimen what their protocols are in regards to positive tests. Explain that you're taking an opiate, but have a valid prescription. If time permits, bring a statement from your prescriber stating that you are prescribed. Chances are everything will be taken care of after the test as I explained above, but you can always come prepared.