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You will do just fine. Be glad your day has arrived. HOORAY!!! No more waiting, tomorrow it will be all over and you will be on the road to recovery. If you have a silk or satin robe.. take it. It makes it alot easier to move around on the bed. I am a tiny person.. but they had me on those t-shirt sheets and with the gown.. friction 100x. Not good when you just had back surgery and are weak. If you dont have silk/satin.. ask them to put regular cotton sheets on the bed. It really will help you.

Don't be proud about asking them to up your pain pump if it is not helping you. It is made to be adjusted by the individual. They found once they took me off the stuff and gave me my regular vicodin.. I was more at ease. But many swear by the morophine.. so use it proudly gal! You will find you will be sleeping quite a bit the first day. Take advantage of the rest!

We will all be here thinking about you and looking forward to your return and posts. Take care. Tammy:wave:
I dont know much about it aside from I have been on both at one point or another and never had any adverse reaction to either. both contain tylenol but maybe in different amounts. vicodin is hydrocodone and tylenol, percocet is oxycodone (stronger than hydrocodone) and tylenol.

maybe the vicodin has more tylenol.. on the bottle it should list two numbers, like 5/750 or 7.5/500. the 1st number is the narcotic amount, the 2nd larger number is the amount of tylenol.

have you any problems with tylenol?

if we continue this med discussion we should probably start a new thread.