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I had my last fusion this past Nov., I am still on meds. I take 2400 mg. neurontin, Es vicodin every 4-6 hrs., flexiril 10 mg. evey 8 hrs., and pamalor at bedtime. I have major nerve damage in left leg & foot and lower back pain daily. My story is not the normal one. I have a tremendous amount of scar tissue inside due to 4 fusions inthe last 3 yrs.

I do hope your recovery goes well, it's very normal to be on pain meds for at least 3-4 months.

God Bless

BBoomer... it's VERY NORMAL for you to still be on meds so early post-surgery and for some time to come.

I am 13 weeks post fusion at L4/L5 with rods/screws/cages. I am not on too much medication, but still take 1-2 low dose vicodin daily. Try and remember that your surgery was MAJOR SURGERY, not a tonsilectomy or root canal. You just had very major surgery on your back, and it's going to take some time to heal. Even though your presurgery pain may be gone.. you have surgery pain to heal from now and that takes time.

So hang in there.. you will not be addicted to the meds and can be weaned off when the time comes.

Continue resting and healing. Take care. Tammy:wave: