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Hi. I'm four weeks out from my plif l4-s1 this Thursday. I called surgeon's office on Monday to ask for a prescription to be mailed to my pharmacy. I made sure I had enough percocet to last a few days and last time it was ready the second day. I know they have to reissue this prescription each time.

Anyway, I haven't heard back and the pharmacy hasn't notified me as of today that my prescription is ready to pick up.

I still have Vicodin from before my surgery - question is: even though it probably won't work as well as the percocet, is it ok to switch right away to vicodin? Seems it would be and may be a non issue as of tomorrow, just curious. I'm going to call again tomorrow morning. They've been great in the almost 2 years I've dealt with them so I figured it was a done deal but now am not so sure.
It won't hurt you to take vicodine if you still have percocet in you. I'm on 20mg percocet every 8 hrs and take vicodine for breakthrough pain. I would be more worried about withdrawals (Spelling?). Call your pharmacist and ask what is safe. God bless
I learned the hard way (by running out) that the doctor can't call in percocet. The prescription has to be picked up in his office by federal law. Vicodin can be called in. They are different classes of narcotics.
Yeah, I knew they couldn't call it in - I called a few days before I needed it so they could mail the prescription. I did get it the day I ran out - thankfully - and didn't have to take any vicodin. I'll save it for another day.:)