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Hey everyone!! I currently take Percocets Somedays I take 6 in one day and other days I take none, it all depends on my pain level I suffer with chronic Kidney stone diease,
I was reading in a post where someone take between 30-40 Pills a day and I was just curious how you Function? I need my meds for pain and I like they was they make me feel to I just cound not imagine taking 30, does your doc give them to you or do you buy them? If you buy them I bet a day of fun is very expensive.

I watch a show on A&E "Intervention" and one woman was addicted to Vicodin, taking almost 20 pills a day. She was lying to her husband about what she was doing with the money he would give her for food and stuff. She would buy the pills from an elderly lady. It never said how much a bottle, but I think the street value is $5 a pill. So it can be a very expensive addiction it sounds like. I know when I was smoking pot it didnt matter how much it was, as long as I had it to smoke was all I cared about.
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Percocet211,just curious,are you looking to actually stop what you are doing to yourself or are you just looking for a way to get your high back??just wondering after reading the second to the last sentence of last paragraph of your last post,where you asked how to get your buzz back????

just an FYI,but if you are bi polar and only on anti depressants this could be making things worse.are you currently on any sort of a mood stabilizer?my son is bi polar and his anti Ds actually created his bi polar III condition,it wasn't til he had a full manic breakdown and we got him to the right mental health facility and placed on depakote,and the hell off of all SSRIs,that his life got back on track.just some thoughts.marcia

good question marcia!!! I wish I knew. I was diagnosed depressed, bi-polar, and the latest manic at 16...Im (34 now.) My self esteem is in the gutter too. I have been on every anti-depressant you could think of, either they ran their course, didnt work, or too much weight gain. Now my new shrink has me on Cymbalta and Lamictal and Xanax for sleep. 4 years ago I had back surgery and was introduced to vicodin and percocet. I was in sooo much pain I lived on the floor because I couldn't walk or stand. It was a workman's comp case so it took a month b4 I could get the surgery. the painkillers didnt even touch the pain. After the surgery I was better, but have since been diagnosed with more herneations. the next surgery would be a fusion and drs say I will never be the same. So I have been getting epidurals 3x a year...they help, but not 100%....I can survive like this though... My pain dr has me on percs. Now my shrink has no idea b/c when I tried to tell her she said she wouldnt treat me. i have been on perc for a year exactly. In that year I have never been happier...I have lost weight and feel so much better about myself. My shrink is so impressed with my improvement which is the funny part. I take 1/2 of a 7.5 mg perc during the day and Im up to 3 1/2 (7.5mg) at night for pain when Im lying down. I have stopped marijuana completely, and am just so much happier. I was asking about the high (buzz) b/c at night I was feeling high, but have been losing it due to tolerance which is my guess. I don't want to increase, b/c I don't want it to become even more out of control than it is already. I have a great job, family, and friends. Im the girl next door, but you would never know any of my problems by looking at me. that is my story.

Anyone who read this mess, thanks so much:)