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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Hi Pooby,
I'm so sorry to hear your so down, I haven't been dealing with back trouble no where near as long as you. But I do know how hard it is to accept it sometimes. I just had a CT scan again, to hopefully see why after my 4th fusions surgery last nov. I'm still in daily pain, I too am on neurontin, 2400 mg a day, plus ES vicodin, flexiril & pamalor. I get so sick of the meds and still in pain. Do you get the same artifact problems with a CT? I was looking at my films before I sent them off to the Dr., it looks like we may have a fusion on both levels!!!

Fuse naturally??? could you please explain?

Your right about not wanting to complain all the time, but sometimes you have to let it out and start from scratch again. I do hope you find out why your still suffering and can do something about it. Keep us updated please.

God Bless