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hi there everyone, i just found this site after learning yesterday that my husband, marcus, has DDD and hes only 23 years old. i was wondering if anyone out there could give me any information about that and why he has it if he is so young. i thought that was mainly for older people. he was also told that he has a small piece of a disc broken off and sticking him which i guess is why he is always in so much pain. he has bad lower back pain mainly on the left side and the pain goes down through his hips/buttocks and down his legs all the way to his ankles. it really hurts him to sit up and if hes home he is always on his back on the couch or on his stomach on the floor and we have a 3 year old boy who really wants to be able to play with his daddy. not to mention another baby on the way in nov. he was just referred to a neurosurgeon but we havent heard back yet to find out what they say. any help or information about this would be really great, i would love to be able to help him in any way. so far he has taken ibprofen 800, flexaril, and ultram and the doc. just gave him a script for vicodin so he can get some releife at night and get some sleep. thank you so much for the help.:wave: