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Hi there. I dont blame you for choosing surgery.. if it had been offered sooner I would have chosen it then too! I am 16 weeks fused at L4/L5. And my sciatic leg pain was gone right after surgery.

You said surgery, but what kind of surgery is the doc doing? A fusion?

If the horsetrailer idea was serious.. DON'T!! Horsetrailers dont have the greatest suspension and you do not need that shifting and bouncing and instability of movement on your spine for any period of time, much less a two hour drive.

Have a chat with your doctor and let him know the issues with the long drive. You may want to make the journey the day "before" the surgery so that you can make "many" pitstops along the way so you can get out and move around. I was told if I was in pain, that I could take my vicodin before going to the hospital.. so you can probably be perscribed something for that journey. But again if you go the day before.. you can can really medicate yourself and it might make the trip a bit easier on you.

But I also agree with the others, if you can lay down in the back.. with pillow under your knees and maybe a pad or folded blankets under that could also work for you.

I am glad you are getting a chance to get relief from the pain. Take care and we are all here to help you through it all.

Take care. Tammy:wave:
Tammy, trust me. I will me medding up for the trip. And for the night before, and the day before that, ect., etc....There is NO WAY I can do ANYTHING without the pain meds. Even on oxycontin 60 md/day, vicodine for breakthrough, and neurontin, I'm still in a lot of pain - walking like an upright corpse, dragging my foot, and all the rest. They would have to carry me into the hospital on a gurney!

Of course I was kidding about the horse trailer (unless I can't have my meds).
I like the air mattress idea in the back of the burb best.

What I'm looking at is a microdisectomy L4/L5. I'm only getting a sub for 2
weeks (wishful thinking?). This is my first surgery, but third time around with a blown disk.

Thanks so much for all of your replies. I wish I could thank you all personally (but I didn't take notes and I'm an idiot on this computer)

God bless you all!