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[COLOR="RoyalBlue"]HI Michelle,
WOW !!! your doing great. At 4 weeks post op I wasn't even allowed out of bed yet. I still dont' drive much either, but we are nursing my back like a newborn so it WILL fuse this time. I'm so glad to hear how great your doing, keep it up, I lil pushing is ok, that the only way we can see how much we ARE capable of. But when your body says ouch we need to rest, rest too.

That neurontin is a welcome friend, I'm on 2400 mg a day, I still have achey moments but its pretty much tolerable most of the day. Night time, when the day catches up with me is when I need the extra vicodin the most.

I really needed to hear some good news this evening and you have more good than bad going for ya right now.

Keep up the great recovery! God Bless!