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I would definatly not see anyone who's gonna try to move things with out a MRI, you can have permanent damage done if you have certain back problems. Chiro's can do wonders, but should not be only thing done. It's best to have a complete network of DR, Chiro, Physical Therapist, etc. all working together, no 1 Dr. can do it all. I would find a spine specialst ASAP and get that MRI then you will know for sure what is going on.

Neurontin has been a life saver for me. I am on 2400 mg a day, I have severe nerve root damage in my left leg & foot ever since my last fusion attempt last nov. I was literally screaming in pain, could not put any pressure on my foot or leg, even laying I was in pure agony. I started on it at 1500 mg and went up to 2400 over a breif period. It does have its draw backs, mine being memory problems and some sleepiness, but once your body has adjusted to it(a few wks perhaps) you will know if it right for you or not.

Some people on the boards have had some swelling reactions so you need to be very attentive to any of the cautions provided by your pharmacy.

I do not have total pain free relief, but I do have tolerable relief. I do have the numbness (which is annoying) and I do know when my next dose is due because the pain does increase as the dose starts to wear off. But it's not any where near like not having it at all. I also take ES vicodin every 4-6 hrs, flexiril 3 x a day, pamalor 2 a bedtime(for sleep).

I do hope you find relief soon, I know how hard it is to tolerate that kind of pain. Ice on your back can help any swelling, just be careful not to over ice, 15 min of every 2 hrs. I found relief by laying flat on the floor on my tummy, it took me and a PT guy to find this position for relief. You might try different positions to see if theres one that might help but you need to completley relaxed while doing this.

Good Luck & God Bless

Keep us posted please.