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I was supposed to have had a microdisectomy 8/22. They want me to get a cardiac clearance now, and that could take weeks! They asked if I ever experience chest pains, and yes I do, but they never last long.I am in so much pain, and so upset. (Although I do want to make sure that everything thing is OK for going under. It was the anestesiologist who halted the surgery.)

I've been on 60mg oxycontin/day with vicodin for breakthrough and I'm scared I'm getting addicted. Without the drugs, the pain is pretty much unbearable, and when it's close to oxy time, I get quite a pain in my upper abs and sometime chills. I don't know if that can be short term withdrawals, or that my abs are really hurting from using them to brace against the back and leg pain. I had to drive 4 hours today in the front of a bouncy suburban, and I braced myself the whole way (my husband drove. I was doing contorsions in the front seat).
I'm really scared and I want this all over with. My sister was horribly addicted from pain meds after 4 back surgeries and died last March from her meds. (She did misuuse them. I have never taken more than perscribed.)

I talked to the surgeon's partner today and told him about my ab pain, and he didn't seem too concerned. He said I would get help tapering after the surgery, and now I don't even know when that will happen. I think the ride to the hospital made the pain worse. It's now 2 1/2 hours since I took my last oxy, and I'm up again in terrible pain. I just took 2 extra stregth tyonenol instead of another vicodin. I am so sick of the way narcotics make me feel. I have to get ready to teach 32 5th graders in 2 hours. Sorry about the rambling; I'm kind of panicing here. Any advise, please. Thanks.