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Pain med's.........What a joke. YOu are right. I get confused on which one's i'm taking now. If you look at my night stand, it looks like a drug store. I've been on pain med off and on for 16 years. I had my fusion done in April 2005. I had been taking vicodin and oxydcontin for about 2 years. The doctor(surgeon) was not sure whether or not to do the surgery because he was afraid he wouldn't be able to medicate me during and after surgery. He was right. I went into surgery on Friday, and didn't come to until Wednesday. There was complication, but they had me so doped up that I dont even remember anything about those few days. A few weeks after I got home, i was ready to get off of the med's. The doctor said it was too soon, but if I thought i was ready he would support me and help me detox. So I went on methodone for about 3 months to detox. It didn't take too long until I was taking vicodin again. Not that many, maybe 3 or 4 a week, but i was still taking them. One years after surgery, I'm back on morphine. Pain management doctor says, I have two choices, be in pain or take the meds. 3 months later I'm taking morphine and vicodin so they put me on the patch. I must admit, the patch takes away all the pain, but makes me really doppy. So I have to ask myself, the pain or feeling doppy. ??????????????? Very depressing. When will I see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Anyway, sorry so long. Just venting

thanks for the response. I am seeing a Neurosurgeon next week. It only took me a year to find a doctor that would see me. I will be able to get my second opion now. The med's that I'm on are Kadian 100MG day Cymabalta, Vicodin, Methocarbamol (muscle relaxer) and Valium at night to sleep. So I'm taking enough. But the pain is still there. Can't seem to be able to stretch out my legs. Always hurt. I know i walk enough per week. Anyway, I'll see what happens next week. Just got back from seeing my pain doctor, she wants to do a series of shots. The shots never worked before. Who knows maybe they will work this time.