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I'm a little concerned after reading all the posts re post-op pain. Is the overall pain at least better after surgery? Is a disectomy worth it?
I have quite a large herniation at L4/L5 with a fairly large fragment which pinched off and is pressing on the nerve. The sciatica is unbearable without meds. Currently I'm on oxycontin 20 mg 2 - 3 times/day, 800 mg Nuerontin 2X/day and I take either tylonel or ibuprofen for breakthrough (or vicodine if it's really bad).
I ended up in the ER on Friday with panic problems so I also take Xanax if my mind can't handle this (trying not to).
I'm a teacher, and with the meds (esp the ibuprofen), work is bearable, but I am so exhausted and in a lot of pain as the day goes on. Here I am AGAIN in the middle of the night waiting for the pain to subside. It is impossible for me to have relations with my husband (sorry if that's TMI) because of the pain. I can't ride my horses, pick up my grandkids, or be comfortable at church, (I have to stand a lot - sit in back, but it must annoy others).
I have to stop the ibuprofen one week before surgery, which I did because I was originally sceduled for today, and I could barely walk. I have to get cardiac clearance to reschedule, with surgery probably mid-Sept.
I started medical treatment fast and agressive as I have been through this before, but this herniation is much worse. It blew out July 3, and Iv'e already had 2 epis (did nothing). My doc won't let me start PT in this much pain.
So my question is, since this all is happening rather quickly, do I have better
chance of a successful surgical outcome? I completely trust my surgeon - people come from out of state to see him, and I have friends he has performed miracles on. He said this could heal on its own, but could take months or even years with very possible nerve damage. I let my first one L5/S1 heal on its own 8 years ago, and I do have nerve damage on my other side. (I blame all the falls off my horse on my numbness;) ).
I guess I'm just wanting this to be all over, so I can my life back. The cancellation of my surgery nearly tipped me over the edge. I'm assuming that most people heal just fine after surgery, and this board is used more for support for those who are having trouble or are worried like me.
Sorry about the rambling (maybe I should go take a xanax) and any input would be greatly appreciated. God bless you all
Hey Tim, I just did some quick research on oxycontin detox. In it was a description of how the drug makes a person feel, and I can honestly say that it doesn't do it for me. Some things listed were a high feeling and a feeling of uphoria (sp?) The only thing I feel is a gradual (about 1 hr) reduction of pain, and when I first was on it, a panicy feeling. I HATE the way it makes me feel. Personally, I got a much better feeling from vicodin, but I very rarely take that any more. Actually 600mg of ibuprofen works the best for my pain, but alas, because of a hopefully upcoming surgery, I can't take that. Soooo, do you think with what I've said that I may have a not-so-horrible time getting off this junk? Are you still on it? Thanks Tim (or anyone else)
Hi Chebird,

When is your surgery? Just to answer your questions-I start PT tomorrow (today is my 4th week post surgery). When I woke up from the surgery I of course felt pretty groggy from the anesthia but the sciatica pain was gone. They get you up pretty quickly after the surgery. When I walked, it was great to able to walk almost normally again. The medications I was prescribed were Norcal (or extra strength vicodin) and valium for muscle spasms. I continue to take Neurontin and now I'm on an ANSAID again for nerve inflammation (the disc herniation was massive and my nerves had been compressed for so long so it will take awhile for them to calm down-also I was getting close to the disc/back stuff being a medical emergency which is why my doctor did surgery only four days after our first visit (and he saw the xrays and MRI). Anyway, I'll look forward to hearing about your surgery and recovery. The pain is definitely manageable although just to warn you getting in and out of bed the first few days is a bit painful-just learn the log roll really well. :)