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I had my left knee done 8 years ago and have to go see the orthopedist Thursday because I am once again experiencing discomfort--but not nearly what I experienced before I had it. I was in the hospital 4 days with p.t. and went home on a walker. I drove after 3 weeks and 3 days because I felt much better--but couldn't walk far when I got there. Physical therapy on an outpatient basis lasted another 3 weeks, but I was trying really hard. I was 51 at the time and weighed 85 pounds more. At that time I was an LPN and am now retired. The pain was not nearly as bad as I expected and I was off all pain meds within a month. Now I occassionally need a Vicodin or two.

I am 35 years old and have been diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in most of my joints.
I just had a TKR on my left knee on July 18th of this year. I also had bi-lateral hip replacements (4 months apart) back in 1997. I was somewhat prepared for this since I went through two hip replacements.

I was in the hospital for a week which included inpatient physical rehab. After surgery, you will probably be put on morphine pump unless you're allergic to it. I got sick from the morphine, it made me quite naseau and they told me this was normal. About two days later, they put me on Vicoden.

I had 30 staples in my knee which was removed two weeks later by a visiting nurse. I also had at home PT for four weeks which included light bending and stretching knee exercises. Last week, I saw my doctor for my 6 week post-op follow up visit and he said my knee x-rays looked good. He then gave me a referral script for outpatient PT. I've only gone twice so far.

I also still follow my at home PT regimen. I have been instructed to bend my knee as much as I can tolerate and am now at about 90 degrees. I do have pain but it usually subsides by taking Vicodin or extra strength tylenol (usually take it a half hour before doing exercise). I alternate between the two depending on the amount of pain I have. Usually I take one vicodin and in 4-6 hours take two tylenols, this seems to work for me. I am also able to drive but not walk long distances.

One concern I have now is that the long incision area on my knee has not all closed up yet. I have one spot where the knee joint bends where the scab fell off and some puss oozed out. The rest of the incision is now a nice long scar which I am putting Mederma on to smooth it out. My doctor saw this at my post-op visit and told me to keep it covered with a bandaid. However, every time I shower, it gets wet and when I remove the bandaid to put another one on, the new scab pulls off and then it bleeds a little and puss comes out of it again. I hope this is normal and am thinking that it's harder for this area to heal since it's right where the knee joint moves. For this reason, I am not doing a lot of heavy exercises at the PT office. They want to make sure that the entire incision is healed first. So, for now I am getting Electric Stim and Ultra Sound followed by light exrcises. Has anyone had a problem with part of the incision not healing as quick as the rest?

I have been out of work since the surgery. My job requires field work so I have been on medical leave during this time. I plan to return to work in October as this is when my medical leave runs out.

Anyway, I hope this answers some of your questions and if you have any more, please feel free to ask! When are you having it done? Good luck with your upcoming TKR.
[COLOR="Purple"]Thank you everyone for all your responses!

I am more than ready to have surgery NOW. I'm up late cause I can't sleep, even with the Vicodin pill. Just to painful.

As the weeks go by my good knee (RT) is not so good any more. But it is better than the LT which is the absolute worst. Yes, since May I have had to alternate EVERY 4 hrs between 2 Ultram plus 3 extra strength Tylenol....and then 2 Darvocet. Then once during the night I take a Vicodine. This has been going on for 2 1/2 mo. Now all the pain pills are only working at 1/2 their potency. I'm working all day on my feet at the hospital with a bloody fluid filled Lt knee, wearing a Don Joy brace, & limping all day. I can't put all my weight on that left knee nor straighten it completely & have bad pain in the back of it also for 2 wks. I guess that's from the fluid buildup. I'm having some problems with my feet/ankles/hips due to not being able to walk right. I am going to call my Ortho Dr Mon & try & set something up with surgery. I just can't keep going on like this. Even when I have gotten it aspirated it is filled with fluid again by the next morning.

The reason I need to have both knees replaced at once is because all my time is used up at work. As it stands now I have no time available at work so my job will probably be posted. But because of seniority I know I will get it back when I return. I could not take off work again anytime from the time of recooperation of one knee replacement until a yr later. I know my other knee will not wait that long at all, not 1/2 that long. Plus the Rt knee is getting worse by the week. My husband will be able to take 2 wks off to be home with me. Is that enough time for me to be able to get up if I need to on my own????? With getting them both done will I be able to drive in 2 wks? I was thinking of the PT involved. Do you think without any complications that I could be back to work walking all day in 4 mo?

I already have crutches.


How many wks post op are you? What can't you do now?

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