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Hi Tammy,
I started experiencing pain about 3 months post op. xrays showed signs of some fusion but with lots of gaps. As I progressed, xrays showed more signs of gaps, with little fusion. Pain at this time was very bad. Level 4-5 all day with times of level 7 or 8. At this time my Pain management dr. put me on Morphine. Which I was very disappointed with, because my main goal was to get off of all meds.. I was still having problems finding a ortho or nuero dr. Finally, out of plain luck my wife was having one of her bird partys, and one of the members just happened to work for a neuro surgeon, and said that her dr. would probably take me. So I went last week and found out that I had no signs of fusion. I go Friday for CT scan to see better results. Now I'm on higher mg of Kadian. 100mg /day 500mg vicodin 2-4day.