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Rushtonbear --I started this thread for you, as your question didnt relate in the topic for me to answer you appropriately.

For me.. when I woke up.. I felt great! I had no pain when I woke up. I was too doped up honestly and most are. Compared to the pain I lived in for 3 years.. I felt really good. Sure, I was sore.

Getting up out of the bed and rolling over were the most diffcult things for me to do in the hospital. That is when the pain/discomfort was most noticeable. But it IS tolerable. Plus you have meds literally at your fingertips and can push it every few minutes if needed. Personally, I felt more pain relief when they took the pump away and gave me my regular vicodin, which is less potent than the morophine, yet is offered me more pain relief. The nurses commented on how much my body relaxed and noticed how more comfortable I was sleeping on the vicodin.

I would do the fusion again if another disc goes and I am able to have the surgery.

More than likely the reason they asked you to sign that release is they really do not know what they will run into until they get in there and check around. And rather than to stop surgery, close you up. Then go back in again later, they have the ability to do a fusion, IF it is needed. They wont fuse unless it's absolutely necessary.

You have to have some faith in your doctor that he/she is looking out for you, not to harm you. If you do not trust your surgeon.. I would stop things now and find one you do trust.

It's normal to be scared.. I was too. But I was excited about the possibility of getting rid of my pain. I got lucky.. so far.. things are going pretty good!

You will do great and you too will be feeling better real soon! Take care. Tammy:wave: