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It feels so good to here positive things through all of this, I just kept getting negativity from everyone saying that they had back problems and I should suck it up, or that I was faking it. As you all from experience know it is really hard to fake this otherwise I should win an oscar.

Justoneofus in response to your questions, my doctor said it was a torn L4 and L5,and the disc was black from all the fluid. I informed work as soon as it happened and am receiving works comp. I have jumped through hoops for them and the still want me to go back to work and be on full duty. Which is not possible sense I cannot lift without extreme pain and if I am on my feet too long I drag my right leg like the Hunch back of Notre Dame. I go the P.T three times a week, and am on Vicodin and Skelaxin for pain. The MRI showed the tear and am scheduled for an EMG on the 11th. I just spoke with my doctor today and he said if the EMG shows damage then surgery would be most likely. Which I am definately not going to refuse, because liek you all said I am young and can heal faster and I certainly don't want problems 10 years down the road.

Coastguard Dad and CharlieCat thank you for the encouragement it really means alot and I will most definately post to inform you all of my progress as well as to receive encouragement when I need it. I wish you all the best and hope to hear from you all soon.