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The fishing line sutures you are seeing is normal and it is okay to snip them if they are bothersome for you. I had 6 incisions in my back and those were the internal sutures poking out. I snipped several and the doctor snipped several also. I am almost 5 months post op now and I still have two that poke out some and irritate a bit now and again. Doc says they will eventually dissolve.

The FULL feeling could be inflammation or you might have fluid issues there. I would indeed let your doctor know about this and ask for advice on it. Is it overly warm there and sensitive to touch at all? Hopefully you dont have an infection there.

Dont be a hero trying to eliminate your pain meds right now. I thought that too once. That is what they are for. You just had major back surgery and it takes time to heal from that, and you should not be so hard on yourself. Take the meds when you hurt and taper off when you don't. My doctor has never given me one ounce of issues with any pain med needs, as a matter of fact, he keeps offering and I tell him no thanks, I have plenty. So I am grateful for an understanding surgeon.

If you feel that you want a less potent med, tell your doctor. I am sure he/she would be more than happy to perscribe a less potent pain med for you. Percocet is too strong for me and makes me sick. Tyleonol 3 is also too strong for me. I get little benefit from morophine. Vicodin 5 or 10 mg, works excellenet for me. They all offer a little something different in them and work a little different for each. Just call me goldilocks of the pain meds! hehehe!

Sorry that you are having a setback day, we all have them and expect some more as you heal. Expecting them helps to deal with them a bit better. My back is super sore today from reconditioning my leather sofa the other day, new PT & exercises and doing some drywall sanding yesterday. Then one of my dogs.. tripped me this morning making me stumble. My spine is some kind of protesting today. So other than a eye appointment in a bit.. it's a take it easy day, doing normal stuff and resting.

Hang in there Shorty. You will feel better in a few days, but I would indeed check out that FULL feeling you mentioned.

All the best to you. Tammy:wave:
Thanks BlueAtlas, Vampgirl and everyone

I'm kinda bummed out the last 2 days. I did call the doctor and he said the sutures coming out was normal just like ya'll said. he will take care of them if I'm unable to clip them. I don't think it's out enough to actually clip w/o getting my skin. OUCH

I might just need to get out of the house a little bit this weekend and that will make me feel better. I too take Percocet and Flexiril. The vicodin is less strenght than Percocets I think. I might be change to a different pain med though. Just waiting for my 6wk check up and hoping all is well. Today, my incision has another place that looks swollen or kinda like it the hardware is placed there on the inside that it can kinda be seen as a lump there in that part of my incision. Just kinda sore. Still can't lay on my back when sleeping. Can ya'll lay comfortablly on your backs. I've not been able to since the surgery. Of course, I couldn't before the surgery either.

Keep up the recovery you guys.

Thanks to all of you for your replies:wave: