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Hi Coastguarddad and Just1,

Thanks for your replies... :) (The Holiday Inn line cracked me up)

As far as why I got the epidurals in the first place, I was having some pretty severe pains in my lower back. They had getting progressively worse from Jan - July, but the pain was primarily on the left. The pain would be an intense pulsating/shooting pain down my left leg and sometimes went all the way to my ankle. After an MRI and EMG study, I saw my neurosurgeon (from my ACDF C3-C5 in Dec) and he said after looking at the MRI that he saw some abnormalities, but nothing that should give me the type of pain I was having and describing. The EMG also showed some L5-S1 issues. (Can't remember the actual phrase).

The neurosurgeon basically said that he would recommend getting an epidural because what he saw in the MRI wasn't anything that warranted surgery. (whew!)

I was referred to a Pain Mgmt doc and that's where the epis came from.

As far as my current pain... some days are worse than others. And this pain is only on the right. It's getting pregressively worse over time. Now, on Tuesday I was feeling it pretty bad and rummaging through my medicine cabinet when I got home. I was hoping to find an overlooked vicodin or something that would ease up the pain, but no luck.

But now today... it's not so bad. But I also know it won't stay this way.. :(

Guess I'll just keep plugging away...I do pick up my MRI report today and I have an appt with one of our family friends who is a sports injury therapist. Maybe he can give me some stretches or exercises that will help.

Also, I've been doing the piriformis (#4) stretch for quite a while now... trying to see if that helps.