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I'm not sureif I miseed it but have you ever tried neurontin , it is used especially for the treatment of nerve pain, I have severe nerve damage and have taken 2400 mgs of neurontin since this past nov. it has given me enough relief to be able to function and in conjuction with Es vicodin, flexiril and pamalor I can find enough relief to actually accomplish some things, I'm not doing cartwheels but i'm not dieing in pain anymore either.

I do agree with Tammy, if the Pm doc isn't helping then you need to move on. Addiction has always been a big concern for me, I have a very high tolerance to drugs & alcohol, so I watch my self very closely.

There is a great difference between addicted and dependant. I am dependant on my rx's for pain relief not addicted to get high all the time. If you can look at your usage honestly and say I'm not waiting for the next dose even if I'm not in pain, then your ok it's the doc with the problem.

Find a new PM or approach him about the neurontin it can't hurt to try if you haven't it yet.

Good Luck & God BLess