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I had L4/5 and L5/SI discs repaired last year, which just uncovered that the SI joint on my right side was also causing pain. Great.

Since then I've done about 30 PT sessions... the only time I can get any pain relief is when the PT (not the PTA) puts the SI joint back into place. Then the next 10 sessions are spent strengthening the core muscles...

Now I'm pregnant and can't do the strengthening exercises anymore (can't lie on my back, can't stretch my legs due to my my belly, etc.) and the pregnancy hormones have relaxed everything in my pelvis anyway. LOTS o' pain... and I can't take anything for it. I lie in bed and cry and cry sometimes.

My doctor prescribed an "SI join belt" for me back in July but I'm still waiting for worker's comp to approve it. I looked it up and found that it's supposed to hold the SI joint in tight while the ligaments heal themselves and become not inflamed.

In Sept. my doctor prescribed a couple of sessions of chiro for me (basically just to put the SI joint back in place) and I'm still waiting for approval for that from WC, too. (I'm NOT holding my breath...)

My PTs also found that my piriformis muscle on the left side was constantly in spasm because my pelvis was trying to overcompensate for the right side SI joint pain and weakness. They did deep tissue massage on it which seemed to help some, but now it's all flared up again.

I would kill for a vicodin or a percoset... at least at night so I could sleep. This baby had better be worth all of this! :)