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I won't get into my position, you may read about it if you'd like. I am doing very well, but do have to take a tramadol, two, twice a day to function normal. I don't believe that my pain is all related to my back either. Lately, like this week, my pain is increasing probably bc the weather is changing. Anyway, I have percocet for when I have bad pain-I hadn't needed it for a few months, and the last time I took it I threw up seven times-four hours after I took it. So I am leary about ever taking that again. But, at times I am sure I may need something just a bit stronger the tramadol. Anyone know much about tylenol #3? I'd happily turn my bottle of percs back to the pharm to change it out but I need to know if it may help better w/less risk of throwing up. When I take tramadol, my pain level is going to start at a 1/10 and go up to 4/10. Now, If I don't take it, it goes to a 6-7/10. Sometimes, like today, even after taking it I hurt fairly good-So, I'd appreciate any input. I will anyhow more than likely put a note into my doc, but just want to ask here for your thoughts and input.
Thank you:wave:
( I am trying to stay off others like vicodin, oxycodone, etc...) The Tylenol w/codeine seems like the strongest but least narcotic.)
yeah, and actually, I mis-spoke (typed).
I WAS on percocet but it didn't help anylonger, it just made me sleepy so I switched over to vicodin and that is what made me sick (5mg). I really don't want to have ANY narcs but I feel I need somthing on hand just in case (esp with my back acting up) but I won't take what I have for fear of throwing up. SO, guess I'll have to figure it out. I guess i figured the tylenol #3 was the lowest on the narc pole.