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Many individuals, especially those who are not a part of a pain management protocol do not understand there is a vast difference between addiction and depenancy. There is such a stigma attached to those in pain management. People often think surely you must be addicted if you have to take morphine every 8 or 12 hours. Society, and even many doctors, are ignorant to the actual Pain Management Process and how pain medication actuall works. It's so sad because millions of Americans and people all over the world suffer needlessly due to this lack of education or knowledge.

You know you have an addiction problem when you are taking your medications for the purpose of feeling or getting high, you are taking your medication in ways it is not intended such as crushing or injecting. The only thing an addict cares about is when and where they will get their next high. They run out of medications early and often suffer through withdrawals until their next fix. They will often seek out multiple doctors and use different pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. Addicts will often, but not always, obtain medications illegally and aren't afriad to steal your medications if you leave them laying around.

Physical dependance comes when you take the same medication every day for a period of time, generally on a regular schedule. Again, there are many medications people become dependant on. Anti-depressants are one of the bigger ones that individuals don't realize that they can become dependant on. Stopping them suddenly will cause nausea, vomiting, cold sweats etc. These are signs of withdrawals. Your body is expecting the medication and you are depriving yourself of it. Withdrawals can be severe in nature but generally not fatal.

Another one that's huge is Ultram. Because it is labeled non narcotic people think it is "safe" compared to actual narcotics. This can't be further from the truth. In fact the DEA has put out many warnings regarding physical dependancy and Ultram.

If you get to a point in your treatment that you are well enough to consider stopping the use of your pain medication it is best to titrate down. Stopping suddenly will throw you into withdrawals. This does not mean you are an addict! As mentioned, withdrawals can be horrendous, especially with some of the stronger medications like Oxycontin, Morphine and Methadone. In fact Methadone is one of the most difficult medications to stop. For many individuals it takes many months to titrate down.

The goal of titration is to get your body used to having less and less of the medication in your system. Eventually you'll get to the point that you can safely not take the medication and there will be no withdrawal. The length of time it takes to do this can vary but many generally do it within a month or so.

Shawley if Morphine, MS Contin, is making you sick it may be that you are not opiate tolerant. If you've not taken large amounts of say Vicodin for a period of time then your body will simply not tolerate the Morphine. Additionally you may not be able to take it at all. Some individuals are very sensitive to it. MS Contin is a long acting form of Morphine as compared to the Percocet. When you first take the pill it takes about 45 minutes for half of the medication to be released, so in your case 15 mg. About 4-6 hours later it will release the other half. Generally they are prescribed as every 8 or 12 hours. I take mine every 12 hours but when I was on 90mg I took them every 8hours.

Another medication that you can talk to your doctor about is either Kadian or Avinza, these have a very slow release mechanism and you may find you will not get as sick on them as you do on the MS Contin.

I too have problems with the MSC but I take a anti nausea medication with it. I can definately tell when the second round of it is released because I will feel a bit of nausea. Without the anti nausea meds I was vomiting regularly. I can't take Methadone because it makes me too drowsy and Oxy tears up my stomache so Morphine is the only med I can take. I am also allergic to Fentanyl which is another medication that is often used.

No one really likes being in a Pain Management program but for many of us it makes the difference between being able to get out of bed in the morning and walk rather than suffering in misery unable to move.